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This Lifestyle document is devised for coaches to present to their players. This should then in turn lead to a more informed soccer player to all aspects of their athlete lifestyle.  

The Football Association of Ireland have emphasised their commitment and determination in developing elite youth football through the establishment of the Emerging Talent Programme. The FAI Emerging Talent Programme is an integrated and structured coaching and development programme for the most talented young Irish players. This coaching and development programme overcomes the gaps in the system, thus allowing young players to fulfill their potential. There are currently 12 regional centres and 32 league centres. In the 2007-08 season there were 600 boys U-14 to U-16 within the regional centres. The FAI Emerging Talent
Programme has currently a total of 99 staff. There are 72 coaches, 12 kit persons, 12 physiotherapists, 6 recruitment staff and 12 parent liaison officers. Coaches require a minimum coaching qualification of UEFA-B license. Within the programme, a clear player development pathway is established. Technical, tactical, physical, mental, lifestyle and personal components are progressively addressed from the FUNdamental stage of involvement (6-9 years of age) through to retirement. The FAI makes use of the internationally recognised six phase model of long term player development designed by Dr. Istvan Balyi. This establishes the need to create clear pathways for athletes to progress in their chosen sport and adopts the philosophy that individuals should be exposed to specific types of training, depending on their stage of development. The U- 14’s age group targeted in this research falls into the ‘Training to Train’ phase, in terms of player development.

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